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it is easy to set tabs in Word 2007?

First, you need a little information. This is the tab selector button with the left tab showing.

It is found between the horizontal ruler at the top of your page and the vertical ruler on the left side. You need to be sure your ruler is showing. If it is not click on the View tab...

Click on Ruler

See? There is the selector tab to the left of the horizontal ruler
When you click on the tab selector button it changes. It toggles through the various types of tabs available to you. There are several, we will only talk about the most common:

Left- it is the default tab showing most of the time (unless you change it). When you set a left tab the text will move to the right as you type
Center-the text will center over the tab

Right-the text will move to the left when you use the right tab

Decimal-the text will align over the decimal point, generally used for dollar amounts

To set a tab, simply get the type of tab you want showing on the tab selector and then click on the ruler where you want the tab

If you were typing a list like this:

You would set a left tab for the first column, a center tab for the second column, a decimal tab for the third column and a right tab for the fourth column. The tabs on your ruler will look something like this.

To remove a tab, simply click and drag the tab off the ruler onto the page. It will go away.

As with all things in Microsoft, there is another method. You can open the Tabs setting window and set your tabs there if you know where you want them on the ruler.To open the Tabs setting window click on the selector arrow on the Paragraphs group (found on the Home Tab)
The Paragraph formatting window will pop up, you then need to click on the Tabs button at the bottom.
The Tab setting window opens, here you can simply type in the position on the ruler and click Set.
You can also set dot leader tabs by selecting the dots under the Leader section.
The important thing to remember is that each time you enter a tab you must click on set before closing this window or the tabs will not be set for you.

You can also use the window to easily clear all tabs.
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