Excel 2007 -- Freeze Pane

Did you know...

That you can make the top line on your Excel Spreadsheet visible all of the time no matter how far down the sheet you have to go.

You can do this in other versions of Excel, but as we all move from Excel 2003 to 2007, it can be confusing trying to find the command.

In Excel 2007 the "Ribbon" at the top changes based on what you are doing. Excel has no way of knowing when you want to freeze panes, so you have to go to the correct Ribbon to find it.

You will find it on the View Riboon. Here is what you do...
  • Place your cursor on the row below the row you want to show up all the time
  • if you have a column on the left you need visible all the time, place the cursor in the column just to the right of the one you want always visible. Like this:

  • Click on the View Ribbon

  • Click on Freeze Pane

  • Select the option you want, I have selected the top options

In this illustration the first row and the first column will be visible all of the time no matter how far down on the sheet you go. Above you see Rows 1-7 and Columns A-E. If I move to Row 27 you will still be able to see the top row as shown below if the spread sheet grows and I need to add information in all the columns through Z, the first column of names will always be visible:

This feature has no effect on printing, it is strictly a viewing feature to make working in the Excel spreadsheet easier.

To turn off this feature, simply go through the steps listed above and select "unfreeze pane" rather than "freeze pane" (the option changes based on what you have done).

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