Word 2007 - Page Numbering Problem

Did you know...

You can manipulate the page numbering for a document?

Here is the problem. The document has three introductory pages before the actual text starts:

  1. Cover Page
  2. List of Attendees
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Actual document starts on the 4th physical page.This exercise is to just start numbering on the 4th page, but make the number a ONE (1) not a 4.

This is a simple process, but requires a little knowledge of where things are in Word 2007. Here are the steps to follow to accomplish this task.

You must insert a section break after each page.

  • At the end of the text on the Cover page--Go to Page Layout
  • Click on Breaks

  • Click on Section Break NEXT PAGE (Do this for each page that may have different numbering. In my sample, I did it for the first 3 pages)

  • Click on Insert
  • Click on Footer

  • Click on Edit footer

  • Click on Next Section. You will see "Same as Previous" on the right side of your footer. Same as Previous is evil. Take it off by doing the following step.

  • Click on Link to Previous so it doesn't look highlighted any more. See the before and after pictures.

  • Repeat the last two steps for Page 2 and Page 3 (That is: Next Section and take off Link to Previous)
  • After doing that for the first 3 pages, you should be on Page 4 and you want it to be number 1
  • Click on Page Number
  • Click on Format Numbers

  • Tell it to START AT 1.
  • Click OK

  • Click on Page Number
  • Click on Current Position
  • Then Click on Plain Number

If you did it right, you will only have a page number on page 4 and the number should be a 1.

Once the number code is in the document, it will give you continuous numbering on subsequent pages without any further effort on your part. You can also center it, change the font, make it bold, etc.

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