Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 Table Tabs

Did you know…

That you can align the numbers so the decimals all line up in a table?See how the numbers in the total column do not line up?

Here’s what you do.

1. Put the cursor above the column with the numbers you want to align until you get the little black down arrow and CLICK ONCE to select the entire column.

Your column will now be highlighted.

Now, you are going to set a tab. In the corner of the window between the two rulers on the left side*, you will find a little tab box. It probably has a Black line in it shaped like an L. That is a Left tab. You are going to click on that until it changes to a decimal tab. Here is what it looks like…

Next, you are going to put your cursor over the ruler above the column you want to align by decimal and click once. This will place the tab on the ruler and align the numbers in the column you have highlighted.

Kewl, huh?

*Can’t see the ruler? Click on View and then click on Ruler.

Give it a try.

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